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Phoenix Color® Sees Green and Collects $128,210

Maryland, November 23, 2020 –– Phoenix Color, a full-service, full-color printer based in Hagerstown, Maryland, is seeing green after receiving a $128,340 incentive check from Potomac Edison’s Energy Solutions for Business Program.

The printing company teamed up with Potomac Edison in February 2019 to identify and implement several energy-efficient upgrades to its manufacturing facility. After completing the upgrades, the facility is now saving an incredible 538,367 kWh a year—adding up to $28,210 in estimated annual cost savings.

Some of the most significant upgrades were made to the facility’s printing presses. Newer model presses are equipped with LED curing systems, which use significantly less energy than conventional HID models and can vary their power output based on the type and size of sheet being printed. Other energy-saving advances include solid-state technology and adjustable lamps that produce light in specific wavelengths tuned to various ink types.

At Potomac Edison’s recommendation, Phoenix Color replaced or upgraded several presses with LED curing systems. The newer models allow the printing company to save on energy costs while still meeting production demand.

Tune-ups on multiple rooftop air conditioning units were also completed at Phoenix Color’s Hagerstown facility. Each tune-up included chemically cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, correcting the refrigerant charge and replacing filters if needed, and verifying improvements for maximum efficiency, airflow and performance.

All told, the improvements have greatly boosted employee comfort at the facility while saving Phoenix Color tens of thousands a year in energy costs. And because each project qualified for Potomac Edison incentives, every kilowatt hour saved contributed to Phoenix Color’s big $128,210 payday.

The upgrades are just the latest in the printing company’s longstanding commitment to reducing their consumption of resources, lessening their impact on the planet and promoting environmental stewardship. With even more projects on the horizon, Phoenix Color’s future looks greener than ever.