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Potomac Edison awards S.W. Barrick & Sons nearly $30,000 for energy-efficiency upgrades

Hagerstown, Maryland – Potomac Edison proudly celebrated S.W. Barrick & Sons achievements in energy reduction with a check presentation for $29,768, covering 50% of the total project cost for drastic energy upgrades that were needed for their Barrack Quarry in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Given the unique nature of the project, Mike Myers, Operations Manager at S.W. Barrick & Sons, enlisted the help of Potomac Edison’s Energy Solutions for Business Program to develop a strategy for the plant’s energy efficiency upgrades. “The upgrades allowed us to shorten the number of hours worked and produce 100 more tons of stone per hour using the same amount of energy,” said Myers.

Using the incentives provided, the quarry was able to replace a few critical pieces of production equipment with higher efficiency equipment that use less energy and generate higher stone outputs. With the increase in production, the plant was also able to add more staff and reconfigure their process to eliminate conveyors and other outdated equipment.

“From start to finish, this project was a great learning experience that taught us how energy-efficient upgrades can boost our production and our bottom line without breaking our budgets,” said Myers. With continued support from the Energy Solutions for Business team, S.W. Barrick & Sons are already planning to make similar improvements at other locations next year.

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