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Berry Global Takes a Sustainable Step Forward by Upgrading Equipment with Incentives from Potomac Edison’s Energy Solutions for Business Program

Cumberland, Maryland

Cumberland, Maryland – Berry Global, a worldwide producer of consumer plastic products, has upgraded its facility with the installation of six new energy-efficient hybrid injection molding machines, with guidance from the Potomac Edison Solutions for Business Program. The program presented $478,546 in incentives, supporting Berry Global’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy, which aims to advance a circular, net-zero economy.

The upgrade to more efficient equipment will bring significant benefits to Berry Globalʼs production processes, including fewer maintenance issues, more uptime for production, and a less expensive product per unit, resulting in increased profitability. Potomac Edison Solutions for Business Program’s technical expertise helped Berry Global calculate a reduction of 1,709,098 in kWh in relation to production output, allowing for more production with equal or less energy usage.

The Potomac Edison Solutions for Business Program has provided Berry Global with energy-efficient project support for over five years. The program initiated discussions regarding the availability of incentives associated with the replacement of one of its machines, which led to Berry Global replacing six industrial 500 to 600 ton injection molding machines in total at its Maryland facility. With this new energy-efficient upgrade, the Potomac Edison Solutions for Business Program helped save 1,211 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is equivalent to 136,290 gallons of gasoline consumed or 236 homes’ electricity use for one year.